Robert Crumb

The legendary underground cartoonist

The Complete Crumb - Oz to Weirdo

These pages are a fan's tribute to Robert Crumb. I probably first saw his drawings in Oz magazine (Wikipedia link) in the '60s. I'm fairly certain the drawings there were photocopied from early American comics, and that Robert received no payment for them.

I've created these pages to promote his work because for decades I had difficulty getting hold of comics and books. Robbie the Pict had a head shop in St Leonard's Street in Edinburgh which sold some of them, and indeed, Robbie was instrumental in getting Mr Crumb to come to Edinburgh's Theatre Workshop. You can read all about that on the page The Complete Crumb Comics volume 16.

Robert Crumb hasn't to my knowledge been fiercly protective of his work but I've exercised care not to display any high resolution scans here; almost all are 72 dots per inch, reasonable for samples on-screen but no good for printing. If you like what you see here then buy the books. I've also shied away from displaying anything that's provocatively pr0n0graphic!

The Official R.Crumb website has up-to-date information, and American visitors can buy books and merchandise.

Samples from my collection

The Complete Crumb shows The Complete Crumb covers. Click on a cover for a page with samples from the book.

R.Crumb Sketchbook part 1 touches on the R.Crumb (hardcover) Sketchbook from November 1974 to January 1978.

R.Crumb Sketchbook part 2 includes more sketches from the Sketchbook from July 1978 to November 1983.

The Apex Treasury includes other artists beside R.Crumb - details on the page.

Carload O' Comics was probably the first book I bought. I only had a few comics up until then. All R.Crumb's work.

The Sweeter Side of R.Crumb incudes 4 samples

The Book of Genesis page has in-depth introductions as well as 8 sample pages.

The Complete Record Cover Collection page shows the front cover and 3 samples.

The Whole Family is Crazy! page shows the front cover and 3 samples.

The R.Crumb Coffee Table ART BOOK page has 4 samples.

Odds & Ends has various samples from this excellent book.

The R.CRUMB HANDBOOK is a chunky book 7½ x 6 inches (19 x 15 cm) with nearly 450 pages.

R.Crumb Draws the Blues has some blues-orientated samples from the book.

The Life and Times of R.Crumb This is a fascinating read. Full of reminiscenses and anecdotes from his peers.

R.Crumb Sketchbook volume 7 The page shows sample sketches from mid 1969 to end of '70.

Waiting for Food Restaurant Placemat Drawings (4 samples from the book).

Still EATIN' IT Dana Crumb's second cookbook. The page lists the recipes and shows 3 sample illustrations.

The Pocket Essential Robert Crumb contains no graphics but the page shows what's in it.

Introducing Kafka An excellent book with evocative drawings on every page.

R.Crumb Checklist contains just that - plus a few sketches.

to conlude this fan page I've sampled a book which doesn't feature R.Crumb:
Warts and All - Drew Friedman & Josh Alan Friedman

Read the PARIS REVIEW - R. Crumb, The Art of Comics No. 1 Interviewed by Ted Widmer

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