Dirty Computers

Accumulated household dust inside PCs

dirty 00
1152 x 864
This is the front of a PC with the front plastic cover removed. Above the orange coloured audio connector is a USB port. The socket in the centre is a Firewire port.
dirty 01
1152 x 864
The back of a desktop computer with the rear plastic moulding removed showing the blocked grille for the case fan.
dirty 02
1152 x 864
On the right is the CPU (processor) fan which has caused dust to build up on the motherboard and power supply connector.
dirty 03
1152 x 864
This picture shows most of the interior of a PC. Dust and fluff litters most parts of the inside of the case.
dirty 04
1152 x 864
A close-up shot of a processor's heatsink and fan assembly.
dirty 05
768 x 1024
Here we can see dust on top of the graphics card, modem and the bottom of the case.
dirty 06 keyboard
768 x 1024
Just for a change here's a picture of a keyboard. This shows some unknown foodstuff between the keys.
dirty 07
768 x 1024
Another picture of a desktop PC with the front plastic cover removed.
dirty 08
768 x 1024
The same PC viewed from closer up.
dirty 09
1026 x 1024
The fan has been removed from the CPU heatsink showing that the vents are either totally blocked with dirt or the shell of the fan.
dirty 11
1280 x 960
Some of the filth accumulates on the bottom of the case.
dirty 12
1280 x 889
The graphics card and dialup modem in this Dell are covered in dust and fluff.
dirty 13
1280 x 960
The plastic front of this desktop case has been removed to reveal the blocked ventilation holes/
dirty 14
1024 x 810
External communication could be compromised here.

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