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There aren't enough ice skating videos here so here's one:

Murrayfield Ice Rink Edinburgh Capitals SNL Harlem Shake

Singing in the Rain (on ice)

Extremely Fast in Traffic

Downhill in France

One from 2006

This guy can skate:

Excellent Compilation - This is why people skate!

Rollerblade Urban - Clichy, Paris

FIRS World Championship

FIRS World Championship Bettola/Italy 2011 from Tobias Wöhrle on Vimeo.

Rollerblade Urban Team in Barcelona

see below...

IGOR CHEREMETIEFF' ,profil 2010 from SEBASKATE on Vimeo.

Skating in the streets of Dakar, Senegal


high speed skating Perano - inline downhill


Jean-Yves Blondeau aka Rollerman

Jean-Yves Blondeau aka Rollerman interview

Crazy French skaters in the rain

Fast downhill inline in Israel


Mad Roller


Naomi Grigg in London


Sinead Howick

JMM Downhill Roller


'Skating' babies...


Don't forget to check out Red Bull Crashed Ice! Follow the links to the YouTube videos.

The above is only one video from Red Bull Crashed Ice. I would dearly love to see this event in Edinburgh. Skaters could, for example start at the castle esplanade then descend Ramsay Lane and Mound Place before heading down the Mound to Princes Street. 

Nice compilation - Inline Speed Skating Events

Nearly nine minutes long, a nice compilation of fun inline skating events around Europe.

IIDA World Cup - Euroskate 2011 @ Teolo - Another excellent compilation of different disciplines

IIDA World Cup - Euroskate 2011 @ Teolo from Dragos Manescu on Vimeo.

Team Rollerblade at Barcelona Extreme

John and Sinead Kerr, UK Winter Olympic Hopefuls practicing at Murrayfield in Edinburgh

Off topic - Longboarding - but such a beatiful video!

Also off-topic - but it's Danny MacAskill doing impossible things on two wheels!

Aggressive Darwin Awards

also Speed Skating - BBC video A guide to short track racing.

Inline skating in USA Desert

Skating in Melbourne

Short Track and Pursuit speedskating:

we love to skate

10 Minute video of spectacular inline skating in Paris

Friday Night Skate in Copenhagen, Denmark

Barbie skates

Not to be outdone by Rollerblade, Seba are behind this excellent video of urban skating.

Powerslide promotion video - more urban skating in Spain

Impressive Compilation of Urban Skating

Chimps having fun

Some interesting or unusual skates

Hypno skates with quick release wheels enabling you to walk in the boots. They're made in Italy. I upgraded the wheels from 76mm to 82mm. Skates discontinued except from here (USA) or try Kate's Skates in UK.
Having worn out one set of wheels, I replaced them and took a couple of pictures with the sun shining in my windows. Picture 1 / Picture 2
Rockville Nitro. A possible alternative to Hypno for a quick way to change from skating to walking and back again. More information from the website.
Michelin France manufacture these skate and walk skates but the website doesn't have English language as of Christmas 2009. Thanks to Andrea Tavilla for the link.
I don't know if Salomon put this skate into production. The exterior skeleton boots fit over matching trainer shoes. Same idea as the two previous skates - quick change. Their website no longer shows any skates at all.
Powerslide make these Blade & Walk skates. More details now we've got the two pairs we ordered through Kate's Skates!
An image-search on Google found this old clip-on skate, similar to the ones I had in the '50s. Mine were metal, not wood but were self-steering like these. Tilting to the side causes axles to adjust.
This early attempt at inline skates looks risky because there's no ankle support. I remember my similarly designed early quad skates coming off my shoes and bashing my ankles - ouch!
A small picture of very early quad skates like the ones we wore as children in the 1950s. The caption from Wikipedia reads: An advert for an early 20th century model which fit over ordinary shoes.

From the Daily Mail: A pair of the world's oldest surviving roller skates were unveiled at a British museum today - bizarre and cumbersome boots on wire pram-style wheels. The 100-year-old skates are a rare example of 'Road Rollers', which were hugely popular with London businessmen in Victorian times - who skated to and from work wearing the contraptions. Each boot features two five-inch high spoked wheels, placed one behind the other - like modern in-line skates - and skilled users could reach speeds of up to 16mph along smooth surfaces. They were fastened to the wearer's legs by straps attached to stilt-like pieces of yellow wood, and weighed more than 40lb each. Experts say the boots, which were first made in 1897, sparked a nationwide craze and were affordable fun for the Victorians. The surviving roller skates are part of a new exhibition at Lynn museum, King's Lynn, Norfolk, after they were donated to the centre.

These seem to be inspired by American Land Roller skates with 2 large wheels mounted on the outside edge but tilted so they're underneath you. They're supposed to be good for rougher surfaces like gravel or grass.
These are all-terrain skates with pneumatic tyres and a hand-operated brake. More information here
The skates above could all be classed as recreational but these Bont ones are semi-race.
'mercury-skate with ankle support' was the heading on the page where I found this one. Prototype skate designed by Pouyan Mokhtarani.
I don't know if these actually exist, figure skates resembling cars.
From the website: You do not often see something really new, but Booster Blades has got to be it! English inventor Bryan Rawlings has come up with Booster Blades as a kind of cross between in-line skates and a bicycle. You wear them like skates but pedal up and down and they propel you along like riding a bike. To stop you tilt your foot back to operate the brake. Personally, having watched the video, I prefer the normal (simple) method of propulsion.

Thanks to John Addo from Facebook's "Inline Street Skaters of Europe!" for posting this on Facebook. You can find the original image on this Wikipedia page, as well as some interesting history of roller skating. The caption reads: Young man on The Edvard Petrini's pedaled roller skates,[1] known as sv:Takypod in Sweden, circa 1910.

As you can see, the Booster Blades shown above have a similar skating technique. There's nothing (much) new under the sun.

If your curiosity's got you this far then you might be interested in the following crazy 4 minute long commercial for Sled Dogs which enable you to skate on snow. It's utterly mad and funny too.

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