Spherical Photographs page 3

Rectilinear versions are no longer shown by default. The thumbnails
below are now from snapshots of the standard 360º image.

Old College entrance West side of South Bridge North Gray's Close (1) North Gray's Close (2)
North Gray's Close (3) North Gray's Close (4) Paisley Close Chalmer's Close
Scottish Book Trust Tweeddale Court Calton Road 506 Calton Road 507
Calton Road 509 Calton Road 510 Calton Road 511 Bendy Bridge, Leith Street
Livingston's tomb (1) tomb (2) Chamberlain Rd tomb (3) Holy Corner, Bruntsfield
Semple Street (1) Semple Street (2) Semple St (3) Woolworth RIP Semple St (other side)
Port Hamilton Scottish Widows Gardner's Crescent etc Morrison St, W Approach Rd
Grove Street bridge (east) Grove Street bridge (west) Gifford Park Innocent Railway E Parkside
Invisible Photographer Visibility Restored Duddingston end of tunnel White Horse Close
Parliament 76 Parliament 77 Parliament 80 Parliament 81
Parliament 82 Parliament 85 Parliament 86 Parliament 91
Craig's Close      

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