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Welcome to my website. Copyright of all my work remains with me and permission is necessary for use in any distributed publication, whether in print, on the internet, or any other form of media e.g. CDs.

Over 8000 photos free for personal non-commercial use only (such as wallpaper) © Dave Henniker. You must not exchange them or use any as part of a money-making transaction.

Permission is necessary to use any of my work on leaflets, book covers, in magazines, on websites etc. Any images copied to another website must include links to my website. Linking directly to my pictures from blogs or other websites is disabled and may cause this to appear instead!

Łączenie bezpośrednio do mojego zdjęcia z blogów lub innych stron jest wyłączona i może spowodować to, aby się zamiast!


Связь непосредственно на мои фотографии из блогов или других веб-сайтов отключена и может привести к тому, появляются вместо этого!

Enlazar directamente con mis fotos de blogs u otros sitios web está desactivada y puede hacer que esto aparecerá en su lugar!

You can save any image on my website by right-clicking on it. Use your Web Browser's Back Button: or hit the Backspace key to return to the page after viewing a picture.

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My Edinburgh boundaries are elastic, so try searching my site with Google on the Home Page. June 2010: I have increased the width of the page from 780 pixels to 940 which better suits iPhones and iPods. Most of my pictures are at least 1280 pixels wide anyway so the website is best viewed on a larger screen.

Other Henniker connections include the town of Henniker, a small and delightful town nestled in the foothills of New Hampshire in New England, USA. There's a few Hennikers in old England too, in Kent and elsewhere. The Roots page has some old Henniker family photographs from the 1920s and earlier. Personal info here.

Links: Edinburgh Photographic Society.
Peter Stubbs' excellent Edin-Photo web site for the History of Photography in Edinburgh.
Cassell's Old and New Edinburgh by James Grant
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Vivian Maier legendary street photographer